Is there a profiler application that runs with BEA Weblogic App Server (v4.51) so that I can monitor my EJB's and server-side Java classes?

shilpa Tiwari

Intuitive Systems Inc 's OptimizeIt is a profiler application that integrates with many application servers including WebLogic 4.5.1.

OptimizeIt basically has an audit program running within WebLogic's VM once it is integrated with WebLogic (this integration involves changes to the weblogic's policy file and the weblogic's start script).

The OptimizeIt client ( user interface) then attches to this audit system which is tracking the weblogic VM. This way you can attach to the weblogic server and see the profiling information through the GUI. OptimizeIt also provides for distributed profiling wherein you can attach to optimize its audit system running in a remote machine's Virtual Machine (VM).

You can find the details and download the product from http://www.optimizeit.com