I tried to start the server of a simple EJB and a ClassNotFoundException exception was thrown, looking for the COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2Driver. Where can I find this driver and why does it need it? I am not doing anything with DB access. Using VAJ 3.0 on Win NT 4.

Stephen McHenry

The container (WebSphere) keeps certain information in the database (the fields in an entity bean and certain other execution time information). Consequently, it needs to be connected to a database and, by default, it goes looking for DB2 using the driver indicated.

The reason it can't find it is that your CLASSPATH variable is not set up to point to whereever you installed this driver. This, of course, assumes you are using DB2. It is possible to use Oracle, in which case you need the Oracle drivers (available from their web site). If you are using the DB2 drivers, they should be on the DB2 CDs that came with VAJEE3.0 or somewhere on the VAJEE3.0 disks themselves.

(Oh, it doesn't have to be in your CLASSPATH - ours is because we're using Oracle. You can also have the class loaded into VAJ)