How can I register new servers in NetBeans?

Byron Tymvios

NetBeans supports the following servers:
  BEA Weblogic Application Server 9.0
  JBoss Application Server 4.0.3
  Sun Java System Application Server
  Tomcat 5.0
  Tomcat 5.5

If the server has already been installed on your system you can register it with NetBeans by choosing the 'Server Manager' menu item under the 'Tools' menu from the menubar. Once the 'Server Manager' has opened, click the 'Add Server' button, choose the server you have from the drop down list and give it a name, click 'next >'. Follow the wizard through the following screens, which differ from server type to server type but basically ask you for the path to the server installation and require you to specify the administrator user and password. Click 'Finish'. Your server is now registered for use within NetBeans.