My problem is that I cannot figure out how to represent an 'OR' condition with Struts. I want to display a section of HTML if Condition1 OR Condition2 are met. I can represent an AND condition by nesting two <logic:equals> tags.

alan do

hahaha... :)

welcome to the past. the logic tag lib is more out-dated than screech's clothes on 'saved by the bell'. pardon my laughter, but i hope one day the struts team will listen and take that lib out of struts altogether. the 'or' condition and the 'and' and combinations are not supported by any of the tags in the logic library.

look up JSTL and use the core (c) tag lib to replace both the logic and bean tag libs for your JSPs while using the struts framework. it will save you so much headaches and increase productivies now and forward. others will vouch for me on this one. here's a decent tutorial on using JSTL with struts: http://courses.coreservlets.com/Course-Materials/pdf/struts/Struts-and-JSTL.pdf.

please note that you should still use the struts-html tag lib to construct, maninpulate, and maintain your forms. welcome to struts, you'll like it.