I am using struts(Jakarta's) framework, when I click on a link from one jsp, the form is getting submitted multiple times. I am using only one form, and only one javascript method to submit that form. Is there any way to fix that problem?

Alvaro Acero

Christopher said:

Do you mean that one click of your button actually submits the form multiple times? indicating a bug in your javascript maybe (see FAQ's)

Maybe you have an this code in your jsp:

   <input type="submit" ...>
and in the javascript you have document.forms[0].submit() this makes the form get submitted two times!!!

Or, do you mean you want to guard, on the server side, against a user inadvertently clicking the button multiple times, thereby submitting the form multiple times, e.g. use a server-side token?
Here I totally agree with Christopher... if the problem is just the first one, you should use this solution anyway!