About Us

Our Purpose

Advance and improve Java software technology and development.

The purpose of jGuru is (1) to promote industry standards so that Java software development stays open and happens faster and (2) to create a level playing field in the industry for all Java developers, both companies and individuals, so that all technologies have their equal chance to be seen, tested, and adopted in the market. This will help to advance and improve Java software technology and development overall.


Individualism: jGuru as an organization doesn't have opinions -- only the individuals at jGuru do. jGuru makes no effort to control guru opinion, members of the community, or the success or failure of particular technologies. The people at jGuru always exhibit a healthy disrespect for authority.

Confident: The people at jGuru look forward with confidence to the future and expect that good things are coming. Being confident also means that they take a stand on issues, maintain an open mind, and when wrong, admit it willingly.

Community-minded: The people at jGuru know that they are part of a dynamic Java technology community. They want to give to the community so that it can grow, stay healthy, and advance.

Passion: The people at jGuru feel strongly about issues both related and unrelated to technology, and jGuru provides a medium for people inside and outside the organization to express themselves on topics that are important to them.

Accessibility: Members of the jGuru community are ready to share their knowledge, answer questions, and provide solutions.