One Punch Man is an anime series about Saitama, who is a powerful superhero who defeats all his rivals with one hit. Saitama is bored with this situation and is looking for a rival who can match him.

One Punch Man, How Many Seasons Does It Have?

Season 1

In the first season of One Punch Man, the anime series narrated the events of a lazy hero, known as Saitama, who, due to his extraordinary strength, is capable of defeating any enemy that is put in front of him with a single blow. This first season had 12 chapters.

Season 2

One Punch Man season 2 was plagued with a lack of production time and a very bad pacing that gave us a very rough version of what could have been really good. All of that is in the past now, as all eyes will be on One Punch Man season 3.

Season 3

According to the manga, the next season will follow the arc of the Monster Association, more S-Class heroes will be seen , and the story of Garou will continue to be told , since he is a character with great future importance.

One Punch Man Season 3: Everything We Know

The next season of the show will focus more on Garou among many other characters. Along with that, we will be introduced to the concept of limiters and the source of Saitama’s true strength . It will be a very interesting season, so let’s hope we get an announcement soon.

When Is The Third Season Coming Out?

The anime industry has been hit hard, and some fans have given up hope of being able to enjoy a third season of One Punch Man soon.

Release Date

The third season of One Punch Man was planned to premiere in late 2020 or early 2021. But taking into account what is happening in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, the next season is probably launching in the year 2022. 

One Punch Man movie in Live-Action

The last big news about One Punch Man has been the official announcement of a live action movie. The film will come from the hand of Sony and will be made by the same writers of Venom and Jumanji.