My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 16

Based on the Japanese manga series, “My Hero Academia” or “Boku no Hero Academia” is an action anime superhero. The story takes place in a world that has 80% superpowers and Quirks. Izuku Midoroya is one of those 20%. Despite being subject to constant bullying, he manages to keep his dreams and ideals alive. After meeting All Might, the greatest human hero, his life is transformed. He recognizes the great qualities of Izuku’s heroism and selects him to be his successor.

Liberation Army lieutenants and discovers that a terrible incident will occur four months later. After deciphering Hawks’ message, Endeavor took over Midoriya’s, Bakugou’s, and Shouto’s training. It is quickly apparent to the young students how different school work will be. 

Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 16

Episode 16 of ‘My Hero Academia season 5 episode, titled Long Time No See Selkie’, will be released on July 17, 2021 On YTV, and NTV. Studio Bones produced the series with Masahiro Mukai and Kenji Nagasaki as directors, and Yousuke Kuroda serving as the primary writer. Yoshihiko Umakoshi and Hitomi Odashima designed the characters. Yuki Hayashi composed music. The opening theme of the 13 first episodes is “No. DISH performed the opening theme, “No. 1”, and the ending theme was “Ashiato,” which was sung by the peggies. The opening theme of episode 14 is “Merry-Go-Round”, performed by DISH, while the ending theme, “Uso Ja Nai” is by Soushi Sakiyama. Adult Swim began broadcasting season 5 on the Toonami block on May 8, 2021.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 16 Spoilers

Episode 16 will be an anime-original episode. It will feature Ochako and Nejire doing their internships at Ryuuko Tatsuma. They all did their internships at Ryuuko’s agency before they moved on to other jobs. Selkie might call them for assistance, with whom Asui interned before her hero studies at Ryuuko.

This could lead to Asui and her crew on the Oki Mariner ship a reunion. She bonded with them last time and helped them defeat Innsmouth’s gang of stowaways. Asui, Ochako and Nejire will likely join the Oki Mariner crew to search for a smuggling vessel.