Bakugo was able to talk (yelling) his way into Deku’s head after the conclusion of the previous chapter. Bakugo, I presume, had persuaded (threatened Endeavor Hawks and Best Jeans) to let him work for them. Because he knows, better than anyone, that Izuku Mioriya doesn’t mind putting the needs in the world above his own, I assumed this chapter would focus on Bakugo talking to Deku.

My Hero Academia Chapter 319: Plot Details

My Hero Academia Chapter 319 is going to open with a flashback sequence. Bakugou Tokoyami, Shoto, and Tokoyami discuss Deku just a few weeks after he has left the heroes school. Bakugou, Tokoyami, and Shoto are discussing Deku’s departure from the heroes academy. They think that Deku is with Endeavour or the other pro heroes. Lida suggests they call the pro heroes. They have already tried it. Endeavour Jeans, Hawk, and Hawk have not answered their phones. Bakugou claims that Deku must remain with All Might. Given his intimate knowledge of him, Bakugou is certain that he will find himself in serious trouble.

Endeavour asks the students why they haven’t answered his phone. Endeavour also answers their questions about Endeavour’s promise of stopping Dabi. Todoroki even accuses his father of leaving All-Mighty and Deku alone, but Bakugou interrupts. He tells them Deku’s insane and does not care about his safety. Deku realizes that All Might is the same, which is why he cannot stop him.

Endeavour is against the idea of Deku going back to the academy. Nezu tells Deku that it’s all fine and Deku can go back anytime he wants, as they have already raised the security barrier outside of the academy.

Chapter 319 in My Hero Academia Chapter 1 will feature all Class 1-A students arriving at were Deku, Bakugou, and the present. Deku confronts them and asks why they are here. Deku tells them that he’s fine. Bakugou asks Deku if he wants to smile but Deku is silent. Deku then tells Bakugou to smile and tells him he has got to go. Everyone should be careful around him. Deku activates her Quirk and tells everyone that they should move. Bakugou challenges Deku to get the people to move.

My Hero Academia Chapter 319: Release Date

The manga series is ready to make its return after a short break. Fans have waited patiently for this chapter and can’t stop waiting to get their hands upon it. My Hero Academia Chapter 319 should be available on Sunday, July 11, 2020. It will be available online on Viz Media, Shueisha’s MangaPlus.