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The BetWasp surebet service appeared in 2021, and since this time already gained popularity among thousands of players. As of today, more than 20,000 bettors have already used the service.

What are surebets?

For a better understanding the essence of the above-mentioned service work, let’s first consider the term surebet itself. Simply, it’s a popular betting strategy that gives bettors the possibility to earn money from betting.

The logical question here is what secret of its strategy popularity? We can find many other betting systems that were designed to beat the bookies but then appear not so effective. Surebet strategy is quite different from other betting systems because it really brings the bettor a profit no matter the result of a sports event.

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Let’s look at a real example to understand how does it work.

Surebet example

Let’s suppose we have $2000 and the odds on the Atlanta Hawks vs. Charlotte Hornets basketball match from two different bookmakers:

BC1: Atlanta Hawks win – 1.75, Charlotte Hornets win – 2.19;

BC2: Atlanta Hawks win – 2.11, Charlotte Hornets win – 1.88;

Experienced bettors immediately noticed surebet here between Charlotte Hornets win outcome at BC1 and Atlanta Hawks win at BC2. If we place $1000 on each of these outcomes – we’ll get profit no matter the final result:

1000 * 2.19 – 2000 = $190;

1000 * 2.11 – 2000 = $110;

We just earned $100+ from one surebet. However, the search process of surebets is quite complicated, that’s why bettors mostly choose surebet scanners. The most popular of them among US and Canadian arbers is BetWasp

General information on BetWasp

This service collects information on Prematch and Live surebets (as well as overestimated odds and middles) from more than 40 bookmakers in 45 sports: football, basketball, tennis, hockey, and many others. Odds are analyzed for various markets (more than 220), so that the user gets a huge number of sure bets.

Interface and functionality

The service has a convenient and thoughtful interface with an optimized workspace. The calm tones of the BetWasp site do not distract from work, allowing the player to fully concentrate on betting.

As for the working space of the scanner, it is structured in such a way that the maximum number of surebets is displayed on the screen. In addition to the payout list itself, a handy arb calculator is located in the workspace. With it, you can easily and quickly perform all betting calculations.

To the left of the issue list is a toolbar with basic settings such as alerts, sorting, etc. Here, you have access to quick filter editing with an extensive selection of output settings.

Output filtering

In the BetWasp filter settings, you can select the necessary bookmakers (40+), sports (30), as well as set up the issuance of surebets for specific championships, the start time of the event, the percentage of profitability, etc.

Among the useful filter settings, it is also worth noting the ability to display only two- or three-way arbitrage situations. Well, among those betters who work in live, the function of displaying surebets only during a break is very popular.

Useful functionality

Many customers also choose the BetWasp sports betting arbitrage finder for its extensive functionality. For example, the service has a “close odds” feature, which automatically selects the best odds for a specific outcome.

This option is useful if the bookmaker has already managed to change the quotes for the required outcome, but you did not have time to place a bet. Also noteworthy is the “Accounting” function, which allows you to keep records of rates and control the movement of funds. This feature allows you to store information about bets and important information about them.

The Propositions feature is also very popular among BetWasp customers. With the help of the bettor can request bookmaker he needs in the scanner, and the developers will add it if it’s technically possible.

Another useful feature is the hide menu. With its help, you can temporarily (or permanently) remove from the search results those arbitrage situations that you currently do not need for your work.

BetWasp tariffs

Nowadays BetWasp surebet service offers to its clients 4 tariff plans. One of them is absolutely free and gives a bettor the possibility to test the service but with some limitations. However, every customer can buy any subscription, even for one day, and try unlimited surebets/valuebets.

Free. Free tariff includes arbitrage situations (surebets) with profitability up to 1%, for all the sports and markets available, but with a delay of 1 minute. For prematch and 15 minutes for live surebets. This tariff also includes free valuebets with up to 2% profitability in Live and Prematch mode.

PREMATCH. This BetWasp tariff includes prematch surebets and valuebets without any limits on the percentage of profitability for all markets and sports, as well as with advanced functionality and no delays.

LIVE. This plan includes absolutely all scanned bookmakers and all sports, as well as all markets available here and advanced functionality. All this available for operating with surebets and valuebets in live mode.

LIVE + PREMATCH. The most popular tariff among BetWasp customers: it includes everything from Live and Prematch plans + the customer get 50% discount on the cheaper plan.

If we are talking about the discounts, you’ll get 30 days for free when buying 180-days tariff and 90 days for free when buying 360-days subscription. Moreover, the service often made sale with great discounts, so you almost always have a possibility to buy a subscription at a good price.


As you can see, the BetWasp arbitrage service has a number of advantages. Based on all these advantages, the service can be deservedly called one of the best for both beginners and experienced arbers. The functionality of the scanner is constantly being improved, and new sports and bookmakers are added.

To test the service’s performance, you can purchase a one-day subscription or use a free plan with limited functionality. If you are just starting to work with surebets or valuebets, you can get all the necessary information about arbitrage situations from the training materials on the BetWasp website.