Desktop Gaming

Graphics and Performance

It is no surprise that desktops have better graphics than your mobile. You can play your favorite games and even play at the online casino with a much better resolution on a much bigger screen. The performance of a desktop computer is also much greater than that of a mobile. Although the graphics on smartphones have increased dramatically over the past few years, they still don’t compare to desktops. This is because desktops are much larger and have huge graphic cards that allow for exceptional quality. 

Multiple ways to play your favorite games

With a desktop computer, you can use a mouse and keyboard for a much better gaming experience with increased control of your movements. If you prefer to use a controller, then you can plug in your USB controller and use that instead. With a mobile, you are usually relying on your fingers on a small touchscreen.

Increased storage to download lots of games

Desktop computers have a lot more storage than your average mobile. This means you can have a much more extensive library of your favorite video games. There are also a lot more video games available on a desktop meaning that you will never get bored playing the same game for too long. If you run out of space, you can easily add another storage device, such as a hard drive which is not as easy to do with your mobile. 


The learning curve for playing games on mobile is a lot less compared to that of a desktop computer. That is because you are using a touchscreen and your fingers to control everything. With a desktop, you are often using a mouse and keyboard, which can take practice and some getting used to before you master it. There are usually a lot more controls to learn on a keyboard which can be frustrating when you don’t know where a specific button is. 

Mobile Gaming

Mobiles are portable and games can be played anywhere

One of the main advantages of mobile gaming is that games can be played in the comfort of your bed or while you are out and about. Whether you are on the bus or train to work and need something to fill your time, or if you are sitting in the park, you can take out your phone and start gaming straight away. 

Mobile apps load much quicker than desktop games, so you don’t have to wait to launch your favorite game. If you find yourself with spare time in your day, you can quickly open the game and play for a while and then close it with no complications. On the other hand, desktops need to be turned on, which can take a while. Games these days often have lots of updates which can cause further delays reducing the overall time you spend gaming. Obviously, the main disadvantage of desktop gaming is that it can only be done when you are at home.

Range of Games

You can find just about every genre of game imaginable on your smartphone. Whether you are a fan of puzzle games, action games, or shooters, you will be able to find a mobile app to suit your needs. Mobile games are designed so that you can fit lots of them onto one device.

With a desktop, a lot of games take up a massive amount of space on your hard drive. The time it takes to download these games can be very long, especially if you do not have a good internet connection. This can mean that you might find yourself downloading a game overnight so you can play it the next day, which isn’t ideal when you want to play right then and there.

Constant Improvements

Advancements in smartphone technology by companies such as Samsung and Apple mean that the display and capabilities are constantly improving with every new phone that comes out. This means that the overall gaming experience on your smartphone will only get better as time goes on. Although it will never be the same as the gaming experience that a desktop provides, the gap is shortening. In the future, you might find yourself opting for your smartphone to game a lot more frequently for the convenience and experience that it provides.

Final Thoughts

Gaming on both a smartphone and a desktop comes with advantages and disadvantages. It is about weighing up which pros and cons are more important for you. If you enjoy the hardcore gaming experience that a mouse and keyboard bring on a desktop, you might not completely switch to mobile gaming. However, there are some obvious benefits of using a phone for a game that cannot be ignored.

The portability of a smartphone means that you can open a game and play it whenever and wherever you like. Nowadays, the quality of displays on smartphones is very impressive and can provide a good gaming experience. Smartphones can be carried in your pocket and serve as a multipurpose device, whereas desktops have to be left at home. 

With a smartphone, once you have fully charged it, you do not need a constant power supply to run it, and it will usually last the entire day. You don’t need any external hardware such as a controller or a mouse and keyboard; instead, your hands control everything. 

Due to improvements in smartphone technology in recent years, it is likely that mobile gaming will become increasingly popular; however, it is not expected that it will altogether replace the desktop computer.