Lupin season 1 is one of the fantastic french web TV series. Crime, Mystery and comedy-drama are the genres of this web TV series. As well as, George kay and Francois Uzan are the creators of this series. Moreover, there were three directors for this web TV series. Macela Said, Ludovic Bernard, and Louis Leterrier are the directors of this web TV series. As well as, Mathieu Lamboley was the only person to compose the music for this web TV series.

Moreover, Netflix is the only distributor of this web TV series. As well as, Gaumont Television is the production company of this web TV series. As well as, there were four editors for this web TV series. Jean-Daniel Fernandez, Qundez, Richard Marizy, and Audrey Simonaud are the editors for this web TV series. So let us discuss about the release date and all the latest updates about this web TV series.

Cast And Character

There were so many actors in this web TV series and they are Omar Sy as Assane Diop, Vincent Londez as Capitaine Romain Laugier, Antonie Gouy as Benjamin Ferel, Soufiane Guerrab as Youssef Guedira, Clotilde Hesme as Juliette pellegrini, Herve Pierre as Hubert Pellgrini, Ludvine Sagnier as Claire, Etan Simon as Raoul, Shirine Boutella as Lt. Sofia Belkacem, Johann Dionnet as Juene Gabriel Dumont, Vincent Garanger as Gabriel Dumont, Nicole Garcia as Madame Anne Pellegrini, Mamadou Haidara as Juene Assane, Adama niane as leonard, Fargass Assande as Babakar, Marie Barraud as Helene Dumont, Leo Boucry as Ado, Christian Gazio as Chauffeur Camionnette, Xavier Lemaitre as Thibault Du Quenoy, etc. So let us watch these characters on the On Screen.


The story of this series follows a professional thief named Assane Diop. He was the only son of an immigrant from senegal. One day, he decided to come to France to settle his life. This story keeps more twists and turns among the audience. Fans can watch this series by Netflix. This story will become more famous in the film industry.

Release Date

This series was released on 8, January 2021. The entire series gives a clear outlook about the story. This series is also loved by many audiences.