Lucifer’s official page has joined the current phenomenon of “fancam” that is sweeping social networks, in which clips of favorite characters are used for a tribute video.

Some eagle-eyed fans noted that the final clip was new footage from an upcoming episode of Lucifer. Co-showrunner Joe Henderson also confirmed it by saying, “Wow, that almost looks like new stuff at the end …”

As the new Chloe clip begins with a glass window smashing on the floor, it’s safe to assume that the next episode of Lucifer will begin with the seal finally feeling the effects of the siblings’ destructive fight.

However, a key component appears to be missing in the next adventure: Lucifer herself. With time still stalled, God could open the new series by pushing away his disputed children to allow them to finish or give everyone a serious conversation.

Lucifer fans were delighted when the new footage was released, as the sightings of Lauren German on the set of the new episodes have been few and far between.

However, hopefully, the new clip does not indicate that Lucifer and Chloe will be apart for most of the new season, especially after their painful split with the events of season four.