Love Death + Robots, the sci-fi Netflix series which frequently reminds its viewers of some dystopian Dark Mirror vibe, has frequently found its original Story in real life, which sometimes is stranger than fiction. Black Mirror’s’Metalhead’ might have showcased a robotic puppy, however, Love Death + Robots took it further by designing an event on the identical fundamental principle as Elon Musk’s’Neuralink.’ But that might not be the sole connecting the series has with Elon Musk or his digital vehicle firm, Tesla. The next season which fell May 14 had fewer episodes than a 1, using just eight, in comparison to last Season 18.

Love Death + Robots provides an anthology of unconnected tales which lean towards science fiction, therefore there is no chronological connective tissue. It divides into hyper-violent, over-sexualized strings which dazzle and bewilder. That fails to catch the selection of genres and narrative styles that Love, Death & Robots grapples with. This moment, 1 incident that stood out and maybe had an Easter Egg was that the incident,’ The Tall Grass.’ True to its title, it concentrated on tall grass in the series, and while we do not wish to give the plot away, it had a setting in the past: At the timing of coal-engine trains and earlier robotics occurred over. A passenger along with the protagonist of this episode is exactly what the scene opens: Him reading a paper. As he moves through the pages, 1 photo stands outside – Tesla.

We do not imply Elon Musk’s electric car company. The black-and-white photograph was of Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a futurist famous for his contributions to the style of this contemporary alternating current (AC) power supply system. The photograph in the newspaper seemed to be from the approximately late 1890s – putting a timeline about this incident. However, other than simply a timeline, in addition, it hinted at something else: The near future, of electronic equipment, then, finally, robotics. The steam engine could be substituted with an electric engine, and like in certain areas of earth, automated trains are powered by spiders.

The incident itself is about the protagonist’s train makes an unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere measures out to have a smoke break. Surrounded by tall grass, the pupil is lured inside by the fairly bright lights, but his fascination may come at a deadly price when he finds the origin of the illuminations.

Before, an incident,’ Sonnie’s Edge’ from Season 1 showcased something Elon Musk initiated: the Neuralink. The technologies used for this link are only known in the series as an”Affinity Link” that permits the individual, in this scenario, an individual called Sonnie, to efficiently carry over the mental activities of this monster, called Khanivore in this instance. Even as this sounds far-fetched and innovative, such technologies are really real.

In April 2021, Elon shared a movie published by Neuralink that revealed a monkey playing a video game with only a brain chip implanted in it. The forty-second clip uploaded on YouTube by Neurolink revealed a nine-year-old macaque Pager, that had a Neuralink put in either side of his brain, six months ago. Pager has learned to interact with the computer in exchange for a banana smoothie that’s delivered via a straw. Interacting with Neuralink is rather simple as the movie explains, one simply has to put it with their smartphone.