The Levante game came just when the referee whistled the end. It was at that moment when the granola club announced that its player José Campaña is going to be operated on for a muscle injury and that he will be out for another three months before he can compete again. It should be remembered that Campaña was injured in training on December 2 and relapsed last Friday when he was entering the last phase of recovery.

This has been explained by Levante after 9 pm this Tuesday through the following medical report. The player JoseCampana, together with the Head of the club’s medical services, has visited doctor Fernandez Jaen after the medical tests carried out yesterday Monday, December 18 revealed a muscle injury in the hamstrings of the right thigh produced in training last Friday. Later, the club communicated the decision that has been taken after this consultation in Madrid.

After assessing the injury in the consultation, it has been decided that the player will undergo surgery by Dr. Pedro Guillen at the CENTRO Clinic. The operation will take place held this Thursday and the estimated time for the Campaign to return to the pitch to compete is approximately three months.

In this way, Campaign could be out of the playing field until the second half of April with what will have lost five months of competition precisely in a key year for its future, since both the player and the club had considered considering a transfer at the end of this season. If the recovery period estimated by the Campana club is confirmed, it would return to competition with 7 or 8 games to go before the season ends.