Latest Update In FORTNITE Game
Latest Update In FORTNITE Game

The Latest Update In FORTNITE Game has been released before Season 3 arrives, this will be the last update of season 2. The updated version will be played into the ongoing storyline of this season, which saw the Fortnite island ruled by a conflict between two warring secret firms.

Latest Update In FORTNITE GAME, A “New Spy Games” Mode Has Been Introduced

In the latest update v12.60 for Fortnite, Battle Royale comes up along with a new Spy Games mode also known as Operation- Infiltration. For PC players as promised a future update, they have managed to get an aim assist controller.

Latest Update In FORTNITE Game
Latest Update In FORTNITE Game

Updates on Fortnite Game:

In Operation- Infiltration there is a limited time mode pits in which two teams of eight players each can battle against one another for highly confidential Intel Cases.

In each round of this updated version, one team has to protect the Intel Cases from the opponent’s team while the other one has to extract valuable Intel Cases from the opponent’s side of the map.

After each round team will be switching their respective sides. Winners will be fixed by the victory of three rounds out of four.

After the completion of each round, one will get the Intel by which they can unlock special upgrades like Tech, which will be containing new weapons and abilities to their characters. They are free to unlock them in any spy game modes and can use them across all of them.

Aim-assist for Console Players:

As promised by Fortnite developers and Epic Games they have released and fixed the aim assist on PC. From the Fortnite community, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Turner “Tfue” Tenney were called recently to aim-assist for console players. It was dominated by controller players in the server of the North American East server.

Weekly challenges were also enabled in the latest update called “Storm the Agency”, one can easily get it by this that will be the major that is coming in Season 3.

Fortnite World Cup Updates:

The v12.60 is expected as a last update of the season before the next season which is delayed because of the COVID pandemic.

Epic Games has announced that much-awaited Fortnite World Cup (FWC) has been canceled due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Organizers of this tournament also said that they will come up with FWC in early 2021.

Third-party events will still take place as Fortnite players will be able to fight in intense esports action which will be held online. Including Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) for the league.

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