West Indies Vs Australia

Hetmyer, Bravo, and Russell shine to bat for the hosts as Australia drops to a heap for the second night in a row

West Indies Won 196-4 (Hitmer 61, Bravo 47 *Australia 140 (March 54, Walsh Jr. 3-29) 56 points

A wonderfully built century partnership between Shimron Hatmer and Dwayne Bravo The cornerstone of an impressive performance was the West Indies, who took a 2-0 lead against Australia.

carry Snatch victory from the jaws of defeat 24 hours ago, this time the West Indies victory felt more secure after they scored a whopping 196 and eliminated Australia’s first few games cheaply.

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Hetmyer, who managed to vote for confidence Captured by injured captain Kieron Pollard before the series, found the perfect balance between pushing for limits and holding the score when he reached his career best and the second half of the century in T20I. Bravo, promoted before Andre Russell and Nicholas Buran when the West Indies lost triple in 10, reaching their first place and producing their highest international score in five years despite taking two lives.

Wicket fourth place of 103 was the best in the West Indies in the T20I and then Russell put his finishing touch on it. There were 13 sixes (and only eight fours) in turns, but what pleases the captain and the coaching staff is how the shot is also rotated. The West Indies achieved 123 points out of the second ten.

Mitchell Marsh scored half a century in a row and the West Indies lost Fidel Edwards to his onslaught with injuries, but the demand rate jumped out of control. In the end, Australia fell in a heap for the second day in a row.

The pressure on Gail increases

There is no arguing what Chris Gayle has accomplished in his career, but spanking now seems very painful to him. He has 102 runs in nine rounds since returning to the side against Sri Lanka and 13 of 16 times today has hinted at no return to fluency. During his career, there have been many examples of him eating paintballs but turning so aggressively in turns that it doesn’t matter, but he is not off the initial hurdles at the moment. This time around he ended up trying Marsh in eighth place, leaving the West Indies uncertain at 59 of 3, but perhaps the best thing that happened in the innings.

Mitchell Starc’s last two shows cost 30 times more AFP

West Indies Vs Australia

The perfect partnership

It was surprising to see Bravo come out fifth, but it turned out to be a standout blow, even though Australia had a chance to knock him out. Adam Zampa missed a low opportunity when he scored 2, and Dan Christian got some good ground for a long shot when Bravo was 15, but he stretched. The second missed chance came in twelfth place as the rack continued to move through the gears and the spectacle of running a Bravo ball threatened to polarize. But on the 13th, he and Hetmyer pull the strings against Ashton Agar, and from there the roles never look back. Hetmyer hit the ball wonderfully after playing well in his innings, delivering 29 balls and fifty with six daring goals against a Mitchell Stark that cost another 30 more on another difficult night.

Connection level, but not really

It’s worth noting that eight times later, both teams were 59-3, but from there the two rounds went very different paths. Australia was falling behind due to the early loss of both spaces: Matthew Wade threw the second ball into midfield and Aaron Finch was baffled by Edwards’s slow delivery, and then Josh Phillips was unable to advance before missing a direct shot from Hayden Walsh Walsh also ended the roles of Junior Marsh, who brought his tally to six wickets in two games, causing another rattle on the wickets. Australia’s attitude was summed up as Christian and Hagar stared at the big screen to see who was exhausted when they both finished in the same finale.