keeping faith is an american tv series. it is a thrilling show and matthew hall is the created of the show. the series is directed by pip broughton and andy newbery. the show is set in wales. eve myles, hannah daniel, matthew gravelle, bradley freegard, mali harries and many more were seen in the lead characters for the show. the show first released on november 5th 2017 with eight episodes as season one followed by season two on 12th may with six episodes in 2019. it was set to be premiered on bbc one wales. in the first season the first six episodes were directed by pipand the remaining two by andy. the story depicts eve a solicitor whose husband disappears when she is on her maternity leave. the show is rated 7.1/10 by imdb and 100% from rotten tomatoes.

keeping Faith Season 3 Release Date

keeping faith season three released on November 1st 2020 on s4c but it is not expected to air this year on bbc wales and bbc iplayer. reports say that it will be out in 2021. the filming and direction of the series started in 2020 January. then due to the covid-19 pandemic the shooting of the season three was paused in august.

keeping Faith Season 3 Cast

the cast from the previous two seasons will be back for the upcoming new third season.

  1. celia imrie
  2. slan phillips
  3. eve myles
  4. bradley freegard
  5. steve baldini

no confirmation on the fresh faces has yet been received but we do expect some.

keeping Faith Season 3 Plot

the show is filmed in the beautiful location of wales. All the fans and audiences are expecting the same quality of episodes as they have seen in the previous seasons. The spices and unrevealed stories from the last episodes and seasons will be unleashed in the new season. Stay updated with us.