Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 was number 1 in the Netflix Top 10 as it was released. However, this success wasn’t enough, and the show was canceled after the first season. A cancellation and so a non-renewal surprised Josh Duhamel. The interpreter of this superhero Utopian from the show said he was disappointed and gave a rant. He also explained that there could perhaps be a movie to tell the sequel, instead of season 2 which is not planned.

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Cancellation, “It’s Just Disappointing I’m Not Gonna Lie”

Jupiter’s Legacy has been the superhero series, arriving in May 2021 on Netflix. A show with Josh Duhamel (Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian), Leslie Bibb (Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty), Andrew Horton (Brandon Sampson / Paragon), Elena Kampouris (Chloe Sampson), Ben Daniels (Walter Sampson / Brainwave), Mike Wade (Fitz Small), Matt Lanter (George Hutchence / Skyfox) or Tyler Mane (Blackstar). However, there will be no season two for Jupiter’s Legacy, it’s been canceled. Josh Duhamel said he was frustrated with the series’ cancellation and non-renewal, as he informed CinemaBlend.

“You know, it is just disappointing, I’m not going to lie,” admitted Josh Duhamel, who let out a rant. “We all worked hard on this series, we encouraged it and we thought we had made an excellent series, and I believe with all the audience it works well and continues to work well,” he added, referring to the fact that upon its release on Netflix, Jupiter’s Legacy was in the Netflix top 10.

Regardless of the success of the series, it had been canceled. Suddenly, all of the celebrities” were somewhat amazed by the non-renewal of this series” declared Josh Duhamel, not just him. Whoever divorced Fergie is”not sure about the reasoning” but is”grateful for the opportunity to get done so, and I believe we did a really good job on it ” “This is how business works, you take your punches,” he added.

Josh Duhamel Discusses Possible Movie Instead Of Season 2

Josh Duhamel disclosed that he thought Jupiter’s Legacy wouldn’t have a lot of seasons, only 2 or 3, but didn’t believe there could be only one at all”For me, I don’t. ‘ve never seen it go past 2 or 3 seasons since that would have filled the graphic novels that were composed for her.

“And this second season was going to be this much fun because it had the makings of this modern-day tragedy where pretty dark things happen to The Utopian,” the actor explained, “And that I had been creatively excited to do this. Josh Duhamel is so sad not to be able to resume his role in Utopian: “I do not know if we’ll see him (Utopian, his personality in Jupiter’s Legacy, notice ) one single day. Although it would have been interesting to do this Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2.

Even though there will not be a season two, Jupiter’s Legacy is set to have a protagonist’s spin-off and a movie according to Josh Duhamel. “I think they should make a film, summarizing what would have happened in Jupiter’s Legacy Season two. Not do the full season, but just a feature film…” he stated, “I don’t know whether they are going to get it done or not, but each one of these costumes is ready to go. And they were not cheap, I can let you know. ”

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