• The information portal The Sportster points to January 8 as the date on which his current contract with WWE ends
  • The Hall of Famer itself reported this in an episode of its podcast broadcast in 2019

The contract  Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler with WWE could be coming to an end. The information portal  The Sportster has recovered an episode of the Podcast  Dinner with The King broadcast in 2019 where the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that its contractual relationship with the company expired during the first days of January 2021.

Specifically, the information portal points to January 8 as the deadline, so Jerry Lawler and WWE could separate their paths this Friday if a renewal agreement is not reached in the coming days. At the moment, no rumor has emerged that points in this direction, so it is assumed that, for now, ‘The King’ has not signed a new agreement with the main company in the sector. It is also necessary to mention, however, that company worker who performs functions outside the ring does not usually announce their renewal agreements.

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler has held a seat at the WWE commentary table on a regular basis since 2001. Following a series of outages and sporadic appearances between 2016 and 2019, Lawler returned to full-time commentary duties in September of 2019, joining the RAW team. The last time Jerry Lawler was present at the WWE commentary table was in late April 2020. Since then, Samoa Joe has replaced him in the position.