• In SmackDown, Roman Reigns again crossed all limits
  • Roman Reigns hits Kevin Owens badly in SmackDown

In WWE SmackDown this week, Roman Reigns made clear his intentions by tiring his TLC rival Kevin Owens, as well as avenging the humiliation he faced at SmackDown…

Kevin Owens entered the ring during a segment at SmackDown and also brought the chair, table, and ladder with him. After this Owens started insulting Roman Reigns and said that even after what Reigns did to him last week, he is not afraid of them. Owens did not stop at this and said that Roman Reigns uses his family.

Kevin Owens then stated that the match at TLC was going to be the most important match of his career. He will take his revenge on Roman Reigns from the chair and then slam him on the table. Owens said that with the ladder he would pain Reigns and then climb over it to win the Universal Championship. However, Jay Uso attacked Kevin Owens and Owens’ knee was also injured in the meantime.

When Jay Uso was about to give a splash to Owens, Owens hit back and attacked Jay Uso badly and also gave him a powerbomb on top of the table. Roman Reigns came out after this and Owens began to challenge him even after he was injured. Roman Reigns left after Paul Heyman was asked.

Backstage Roman Reigns taught Kevin Owens a lesson

Kevin Owens began searching for Roman Reigns from the backstage chair despite being injured. After this Roman Reigns attacked Owens from behind with a chair. Reigns throw Owens over the fencing and start hitting them badly.

Roman Reigns also started targeting Kevin Owens’ family, but Kevin Owens was completely helpless and unable to do anything. After this, Roman Reigns again attacked Owens and left Goodnight on camera.

At this time, the rivalry of Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens in SmackDown is now quite personal and it can be easily guessed that fans can see tremendous action in TLC PPV when both these superstars for Universal Championship Will face each other.