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In India, cricket tournaments are among the most significant sporting events and have become an integral part of the culture. It’s very popular as the super bowl odds

Cricket is watched by 93% of all sports lovers who watch sports on television. This evidence should suffice to demonstrate that Cricket is the most popular sport in India.

What are India’s most popular cricket tournaments, and how can you begin betting on them? These are the inquiries this post will address.

The Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League (IPL), being India’s most popular cricket tournament, should not come as a surprise.

The competition is conducted annually (usually in India, but other countries have also played host to the tournament).

The IPL is played in the T-20 format, typically regarded as the most thrilling and rapid. This is why it has so many followers in India and throughout the globe. Normally, more than 100 million unique viewers watch each IPL match.

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Duleep Trophy

The 2018-19 Indian cricket season begins with the Duleep Trophy. India hosts a first-class cricket event known as the Duleep Trophy. It is named after Kumar Shri Duleepsinhji of Nawanagar, also known by his nickname “Duleep.” 

Initially, teams from India’s geographical zones participated. Since 2016-17, several modifications have been implemented. It is played by BCCI-selected teams in addition to India Red, India Blue, and India Green. 

The competition will transition from a “knockout” format to a “tri-series” format, and games will be played under floodlights.

With 18 victories each, the North and West zones have been the most successful. In the 2017-18 season, India Red, headed by Dinesh Karthik, won the Duleep Trophy.

Vijay Hazare Trophy

The Vijay Hazare Trophy follows the Duleep Trophy. It is named after the legendary Indian batsman Vijay Hazare. 

Currently, it is on its 27th edition. Since the 1993-1994 season, when the Vijay Hazare Trophy was awarded for the first time, its rules have been modified on multiple occasions. Before 2001-2002, there were no final exams. 

Due to this, teams only competed inside their zones, and there was no overall victor. During the 2002–03 and 2003–04 seasons, the top teams from each division competed in a final round-robin stage. 

Since the 2004–05 season, there has been a complete finals series consisting of semi-finals and finals.

Tamil Nadu has won the event five times since 2002-03. In the 2017-18 season, Karnataka, led by Karun Nair, was the most recent victor. When the 2018-19 season begins in September, 28 teams from different states will compete in 160 one-day games.

The Ranji One-Day Trophy is also referred to as the Vijay Hazare Trophy. It is a domestic first-class cricket competition featuring the same teams as the Ranji Trophy.

The Vijay Hazare Trophy is contested in a single day, making it more convenient for the typical cricket fan to watch.

People are more interested in betting on the Vijay Hazare Trophy than the Ranji Trophy due to the former’s more incredible popularity. 

Ranji Trophy

The Ranji Trophy was inaugurated in 1934-35 and is named after the prince of Nawanagar, KS Ranjit Sinhji Vibhaji. The Ranji Trophy is India’s most prestigious cricket event. Regional and state cricket associations send teams to compete in this prestigious competition. 

The Ranji Trophy has had several distinct versions over the years. Beginning as a Zonal Competition, the match devolved into a two-tier league-cum-knockout structure with relegation and promotion between tiers.

This year’s Ranji Trophy will include 37 teams, nine of which will be brand-new. Nine teams will comprise each Elite Group A and B. Ten new teams will join Elite Group C, and nine will join the Plate group.

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Five teams from Groups A and B, two from Group C, and the top team from the Plate Group will advance to the next round. Beginning with the 2016–17 season, the BCCI has announced that all games will be played at neutral venues instead of home and away.

Vidarbha is the current champion of the competition. Mumbai (also known as Bombay) has won the race 41 times, including 15 consecutive victories. The 2018-19 season begins in November and concludes in February.