• Know how to increase rank in Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode?
  • In addition to the Battle Royal mode of Free Fire, Clash Squad mode is also present.

In addition to Battle Royal mode in Free Fire, Clash Squad mode is present. There are also rankings in it and you can go to Grandmasters. Well, this task is not so easy. Despite this, keeping in mind a few things, you can reach the Grand Master in Free Fire’s Clash Squad 4 season,

Free Fire: Ways to Quickly Rank Up in Clash Squad Mode

1) Play with friends and teammates

Play with your friends or teammates if you want to increase rank quickly. You will be able to understand each other with ease. Also, everyone will know their partner’s gaming styles. Well, raising the ranks by playing with unknown people is the most difficult task.

2) use close-range weapons

In Clash Squad mode most of the close-range fight takes place. In this case, keep a good weapon for close range with you to win almost every fight. This will go a long way in raising the rank.

3) play thoughtfully

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There is no point in playing safe in this mode, but you can make a thoughtful move. Taking kills and winning matches without taking too much risk can increase your rank.

4) keep practicing

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It is not necessary to play safe to succeed in Clash Squad mode. In such a situation, you will have to play a good strategy. For this, you can practice.

5) Stay with the squad 

You can stay with the squad to get better in this mode of Free Fire. If you are away from each other, you will get killed easily. In such a situation, you can stay away and kill

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