Are you looking for a QR code generator free online but don’t know anything about it? If so, you have just landed in the right place because here we will teach you how to make a QR code online in 3 easy steps.

Whether you are a business owner, tech enthusiast, or just wondering how to create a QR code for any purpose, this guide is just for you. All you have to do is carefully follow the steps given in this guide and generate a QR code free online.

So, let’s get started.

What is a QR code?

Before getting straight to the steps to generate a QR code online for free, it’s essential first to understand what it is.

A QR code, short for Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional barcode that stores information in a pattern of black and white squares. It is designed to be quickly scanned and decoded by smartphones or other devices with QR code reader apps.

Besides, QR codes can contain various data types, such as website URLs, contact information, product details, and more. Their versatility and ease of use have made them popular for marketing, product labeling, and convenient information sharing in today’s digital age.

But you must be wondering why you need a QR code. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Why do you need a QR code?

QR codes serve as a powerful and practical tool for various daily activities, adding convenience and efficiency to numerous tasks. Here are some common cases where you might need a QR code:

  • Contactless Payments: Many businesses and restaurants now utilize QR codes to enable contactless payment methods, allowing customers to pay using their smartphones without needing physical cash or cards.
  • Website and App URLs: QR codes provide a quick way to direct people to websites or download apps by simply scanning the code, eliminating the need to enter long URLs manually.
  • Product Information: Manufacturers often use QR codes on products to provide instant access to detailed information, such as product specifications, user manuals, or warranty details.
  • Digital Tickets and Boarding Passes: QR codes are frequently used for electronic ticketing in transportation, concerts, or events, enabling paperless and easy access to venues.
  • Wi-Fi Login: Sharing Wi-Fi credentials becomes effortless with QR codes, allowing guests to connect quickly to your network without the need to type in passwords.
  • Social Media and Business Cards: QR codes on business cards or marketing materials can direct recipients to social media profiles or contact information, streamlining networking and engagement.
  • Virtual Events and Conferences: In the digital age, QR codes facilitate seamless event registration and check-ins for virtual gatherings, workshops, and conferences.
  • Loyalty Programs and Discounts: Retailers often use QR codes to offer customers exclusive discounts or loyalty rewards, enhancing their shopping experience.

So these are a few reasons why you need a QR code. Now let’s learn how to make a QR code in a few minutes.

How to Make a QR Code in 3 Easy Steps

As mentioned earlier, making a QR code online is very easy using an online QR code generator. However, many online QR code generators are in the market, so you must wonder which one you should use.

Well, we will recommend you use HitPaw Online QR Code Art Generator as it is one of the best tools available in the market right now. This is not an ordinary online QR code generator, as you can create custom QR codes with the help of this tool.

This makes it one of the best free online QR code generators that you can use.

Now let’s learn how to make a QR code in 3 easy steps using HitPaw online QR code art generator.

Step #1: Signup on HitPaw Online QR Code Art Generator

First, visit HitPaw Online QR Code Art Generator official website by following this link and signup using your Gmail or other Email address. For this, you can hit the Login button on the top right corner and follow the instruction to log in.

Step #2: Paste Your URL & Customize

Once you have logged in, you have two options. The first is Customize QR Code, and the second is Various Art Style Options.

If you want to generate a customized QR code for yourself, you can paste the URL in the box as shown in the picture below and hit the Upload QR Code option. Now upload the custom design, art, or logo you want in the QR Code.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any custom design or logo that you want in the QR code, you can choose the various art style options given below.

Step #3: Generate a QR Code

After that, you can hit the Generate button and let the HitPaw generate a QR code. Once the process is finished, you will see four different QR codes on the right-side panel. You can download any of them by simply taking your mouse pointer on any option and clicking on the download icon.

So that’s how easy it is to generate a free online QR code for your business or personal needs.

However, there are some quick tips that you should keep in your mind while creating QR codes. Let’s discuss them.

QR Code Creation Tips

QR codes can be incredibly powerful when used effectively, but to ensure their success, consider the following tips:

  1. Determine the Purpose of Using a QR Code: Clearly define its purpose before creating a QR code. Knowing the intended goal will help you design an appropriate and relevant QR code, whether for website URLs, product information, promotions, or event registrations.
  2. Ensure a QR Code is Scannable: One of the essential aspects of QR codes is their scannability. Make sure to generate a high-quality QR code easily readable by most QR code scanners. Ensure enough contrast between the dark and light elements, and avoid using complex patterns that might hinder scanning.
  3. Personalize a QR Code to Grab User Attention: A generic black-and-white QR code may not always attract users’ attention. Consider adding your brand’s colors or incorporating creative design elements into the QR code, especially if using an art generator like HitPaw’s. This personal touch can make your QR code more engaging and increase the likelihood of scans.
  4. Test Before Sharing: Always test your QR code before distributing it to the public. Use various QR code scanners and smartphones to verify that the code works as intended. If your QR code leads to a website, ensure the URL is correct and the landing page is mobile-friendly.
  5. Provide Clear Instructions: Accompany your QR code with clear instructions for scanning it. Not everyone is familiar with QR codes, so a simple prompt like “Scan this code with your smartphone’s camera” can encourage more people to try it out.
  6. Optimize QR Code Size: Remember that the QR code’s physical size matters, especially when it appears on printed materials. Ensure it’s large enough to be easily scanned but not too overwhelming to disrupt the overall design of your marketing materials.

So by following these tips, you can make the most out of newly created QR codes.


So, creating a personalized QR code has never been easier, thanks to HitPaw Online QR Code Art Generator. This user-friendly and free online tool allows you to design eye-catching QR codes that cater to your specific needs.

By following the simple three-step process, you can customize your QR code with various art style options, ensuring it stands out and grabs your audience’s attention.