How to keep your account Safe after Instagram Video Selfie Verification
How to keep your account Safe after Instagram Video Selfie Verification

When Instagram was in its early stages, there was no limitation for the number of accounts you could follow or unfollow, the number of posts you could like, and the number of comments you could leave on posts. But nowadays, there are many limitations for using the app including verifications and flagged accounts.

So, If you are currently facing an error while verifying your account via Video Selfie Verification. Then we have already made a dedicated article on How to Fix Video Selfie Verification error on Instagram?

Now, if you have successfully completed the video selfie verification and want to know about safety measures steps which you will follow so that this error will not come again on your account in the future.

Reasons for getting Video Selfie Verification

This verification comes basically if you are doing one of the following:

  • Following or Unfollowing a lot of accounts.
  • Used any third-party app that claimed to increase your followers or likes.
  • Submitted your login credentials to any website for downloading videos and stories.
  • Used a programming bot.
  • Login into third-party services most of the times.
  • Posting too much content (Tip: Don’t post more than 8-10 everyday)
  • Commenting links or anything suspicious on everyone’s post.
  • Liking more than a limited post.

So, whatever the case it be for you, the fact is it can not be undone now. And, if you have been flagged by Instagram for any suspicious activity or faced video selfie verification, it is time to save your account.

Understanding the account type

Let’s assume, there are three zones where Instagram keeps the records of all its accounts i.e. green, orange, and red. Instagram did it because they want authentic content and verifies that content published on Instagram comes from real people, not bots or others trying to mislead you.

Green Zone is a zone where Instagram placed all the normal accounts. If an account does not do anything suspicious or even does not use any third-party app.

Now, you are started following or unfollowing too many accounts or started using programmed bots or tools, or maybe doing anything suspicious. Then, Instagram placed your account in the Orange Zone.

As soon as you enter the orange zone, Instagram asks you to verify if you are human or bot via the phone number or email. Users or even bots can pass this easily by verifying via fake cell phone numbers and emails.

However, if your account keeps on doing what it was flagged for, Instagram would then checks you to verify your identity via video selfie verification. And as of now, only a real person can pass the video selfie verification.

Now, If you have already been in the orange zone and faced the verification, it’s time to stop all the activity which you are doing with your account. Do you know why?

Because if you are continuously doing this and pushing your account in the same direction, it would put your account in the red zone and it would be permanently disabled. No coming back from there.

You will lose your account for eternity and never get your account back. Now, the main question is How to protect your account after video selfies or any other verifications?

Keep your account Safe after Instagram Video Selfie

So our answer is to give your account some rest, log out from all other devices or you can change the password, and then login into one device.

Here’s the limit of followers and likes on Instagram if you faced any verification.

  • 10 follow or unfollow per hour
  • 150 follow or unfollow in a day
  • 20 likes per hour
  • 300 likes a day
  • 10 comments per hour
  • 150 comments per day (don’t post duplicate comments)
  • 30 DMs per day

These limits are for those users who have faced any verification message and kindly note that if you are a new Instagram user, your total action limit is 500 a day. including likes, comments, follow, or unfollow.

Open your Instagram account, and do only a few likes on posts, that’s it. Also, don’t DM more people per day for a week.

After a week gets over, use your account as a normal user. If you don’t use it and keep using third-party websites or anything suspicious, your account will be disabled permanently.

One thing I want to suggest to you at the end is that, please stop looking for shortcuts, rather try stepping towards building a brand with a real user base and authenticity. It will be worth it at the end of the day.