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Here is a list of the things you should know to make social media work for you.

1) Picky and resonant nickname choice

The first and biggest step is this. You must keep in mind that if your account gets more well-known over time—and we genuinely hope it does—people will think of it as a nickname rather than your true name.

For instance, your moniker might mirror what will appear in the videos you create, or you could just come up with something catchy.

One word is the best option for a nickname; success lies in simplicity.

2) Profile design


Option 1: List the kinds of material you plan to create.

Option 2: Engage the audience right away by requesting a viewer’s assistance in promoting your account.

You can also include connections to your other social networks; by utilizing this trick, users frequently increase their YouTube and Instagram follower counts.

3) Natal Chart:

Knowing your natal chart as an influencer is valuable for self-awareness, content creation, and strategic planning. Your astrological profile provides insights into your authentic self, allowing you to align your content and brand with your genuine personality. Astrology can guide the timing for announcements or events, leveraging favorable planetary aspects. Sharing astrological insights can also foster a sense of community with followers who share similar interests. Additionally, influencers may use astrology for branding, niche selection, and assessing compatibility in collaborations. While astrology is not scientifically proven, many individuals find it a fun and engaging tool for personal development and connection. Ultimately, incorporating astrology into your influencer journey is a personal choice that can add a unique and relatable dimension to your online presence.

4)  Aesthetics:

Consider your image, the light, and the colors you’re going to shoot in. Make a brand book for your profile in advance, to put it briefly.

What are the fundamentals of light in general? Naturally, the lighting affects the picture’s quality. Shooting is cool, just like all modern Western bloggers do. They have a staff member who operates a nice camera, and the image they produce differs greatly from, say, the one taken with an iPhone.

However, even a phone can take a cool photo under proper lighting.

If you don’t have the money for expensive equipment like lighting, at least make wise shooting decisions.

It’s very easy how to make your TikToks’ cover stand out: just pick a captivating part of the video.

5) Style choice

If you are not an expert, then you should select some sort of character for yourself. Distinguishing yourself from other bloggers is the simplest way to do this. Do something that 90% of people will never do like dye your hair red.

There is one way that works well, but it is not for everyone – you can act weird or be a clout chaser, as a negative reputation is smth that can define you from others.

When choosing trends, use caution! Don’t just duplicate what they say; instead, attempt to add something original. TikToks come in more varieties the longer a fad persists, making it more difficult to create captivating content.

Trends usually start with a challenge, a specific sound that everyone starts to use in their videos, or a script that has been written specifically for that sound that everyone starts to perform. You are halfway to success if you identify a trend or notice that it begins to perform very well. You still have time to capitalize on the trend because it isn’t yet boring.

It is crucial to always keep an eye on what others produce, to follow well-known bloggers who produce all the popular videos, and to study what they are doing. It’s up to you to add some originality and interest. You can, in a sense, copy others and even enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, but if you personalize a trend and make it your own, the audience will react more favorably, and you will gain more followers.

Please be careful while selecting the themes and music for your videos!

Although TikTok is a rather democratic social media platform, it also makes an effort to be fair. This appears to be one of the factors contributing to its popularity and reliability.

Accounts that post hostile, sexual, or homophobic content are banned from the platform.

This is how legally obtained music operates: the music license might range greatly between nations. Some songs, for instance, are licensed in Poland but not in France. Uploading songs from the TikTok collection will reduce your chances of being banned for violating copyright and help you avoid hazards.

6) Hashtags

Popular bloggers avoid using them since they already have a large following and adding hashtags could shrink that following.

However, for new users, making use of them is essential because it helps TikTok determine the type of content you have and the target audience for it.

7) What country to post from?

Let’s take a look at an illustration: if you want your account to be commercial and you value the American audience, it is crucial that you create content for an English-speaking audience and, ideally, post it in the United States.

TikTok is incredibly intelligent, and it can tell which SIM card you have and where you are.

It is not advised to use any techniques with the aid of a VPN or proxy because the platform may cut it all and will cut you off if it determines that you are trying to break the rules or have been “marked” as such.

Therefore, if you want your profile to be noticed in America but are not physically present there, find someone who can handle it for you there or at least in Europe.

8) Number of videos per month

Let’s say two people open accounts at the same moment, and one of them immediately receives 1 million views. On the one hand, this will be advantageous. On the other hand, not really, as your account is not prepared for such a large audience if the first video suddenly reaches that amount.

If there is no content there or if it is not ready for the audience, for a massive influx of people, they will check your account; if there is neither, people will leave, and you will have a very tiny percentage of people left.

You need to be “ready” from the first film if you recently registered on TikTok and want to use it permanently, so record some movies and submit them beforehand. Posting other videos after your first one becomes viral in this case, will increase the likelihood that more viewers will stick with you because they will see that new content is being produced.

Post three videos a week at the very least. The best strategy is to release one video per day.

9) More interesting facts to pay attention to:

* On every new video, 97% of all viewers are first-timers; these are not subscribers.

* You must push your audience to use notifications, such as pressing a bell on YouTube, when a new video is released, in order to make your profile visible to them. Subscribers will view the videos once you publish them thus this method is effective.

* Only use English in your content’s text, description, and hashtags.

– If TikTok were a living, breathing thing, it may think, “Oh, it’s cool, they don’t say anything here; I can show it to everyone.”

– The best information is created without words so that everyone can understand it.

– Simply by acting out a concept in the video, you can ensure that the viewer fully comprehends it.

As you can see, TikTok is a lot better option than Instagram or YouTube for getting your 15 minutes of fame. Although it’s unlikely to happen with the waving of a magic wand, adhering to the advice could be the key to your success as an influencer.