Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently confirmed that Hailee Steinfeld will play Kate Bishop in Hawkeye and the actress is now commenting on it.
For many months there was speculation that Hailee Steinfeld would be the great replacement of Clint Burton as Hawkeye in the Disney + series . Although the official confirmation was slow to arrive, some images of the filming were leaked that no longer left room for doubt.

During a recent interview, actress Hailee Steinfeld finally commented on what it has been like to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying that she is “honored to be a part of the MCU and the Hawkeye series . ”

When asked about the photos, she replied with a laugh that “Yeah sure we were just trying to get somewhere and a couple of photos were taken and now here we are . ”

“I am so, so excited and honored, obviously, to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and to be acting alongside Jeremy Ranner,” continued Hailee Steinfeld . “It’s wonderful and it’s quite a different world from the Dickinson series. Obviously, as an artist, as an actress, it’s fun to be able to jump into different things like these two. So it has been incredible ” .

Will he be part of the Young Avengers?

It’s obvious that playing the new Hawkeye will make Hailee Steinfeld a big part of this long-shared world. For example, Jeremy Renner has been playing the character for almost a decade, since he first appeared in Thor (2011).

It wouldn’t be unusual for Hailee Steinfeld to lead a Young Avengers movie because she’s certainly a group of Marvel Studios characters who have so much potential. So they will soon have their own movie or series on Disney + .

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