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The best opinion essay topics are interesting while staying narrow enough to be completed within the scope of the assignment. However, it is not always easy to find the best topics. Here are some insights and examples to help you through this crucial step in writing a great opinion essay.

What Are Opinion Essay Topics?

Identifying the best essay topic for your essay can be a tricky process. It is the first step after you have read and understood the assignment requirements and could determine your ability to complete the task successfully. A good topic gives purpose to your opinion essay. Understand that your topic will affect the quality of your writing, meaning that you need to select something that interests you.

So, what is an opinion essay topic? An essay topic is an overall subject on which you base your entire paper. It gives purpose and direction to your writing and lets readers know what your essay is about. Note that essay questions or prompts contain specific keywords explaining the information required for your paper and how it will be presented in writing. Identifying the keywords will help you determine what you need to complete the assignment regardless of your discipline or topic.

Therefore, an option essay topic allows the writer to share a clearly formed opinion or view supported by logic, research, and anecdotal evidence. Remember, the goal of writing an opinion essay is to articulate a position, often in response to a question or prompt. Therefore, the topic you choose for your opinion essay should allow you to demonstrate what you think and why you think the way you do. If you need help with your project, engage a professional essay writer.

How to Write Opinion Essay Topics?

The first step in writing the best topics for opinion essays is reading and understanding the requirements. Each project has a prompt outlining what the student is expected to accomplish. Creating relevant topics and writing good opinion essays is impossible if you don’t understand what the project entails. Reread the prompt multiple times, ensuring you grasp the essay question and know what your professor wants. If anything seems unclear, ask your instructor to clarify.

The next stage in writing a great opinion essay topic is brainstorming. It is the process of writing down whatever you can think of relating to the assignment. Once you know what the assignment asks you to do, think about the task. Write down ideas and points relating to how you can tackle the problem.

Once you have a list of potential opinion essay ideas from your brainstorming session, you need to review your options. It means looking at the available supporting evidence and examples to ensure the validity of your topic. You want to be able to access the information and evidence you need to create impressive discussions. Remember, you will need to use supporting evidence to back up the information you present.

When creating your opinion essay topic, consider that you will also need to examine t alternative opinions. Recognizing opposing viewpoints in your writing shows maturity in discussion and highlights a good understanding of the subject. Check to verify if there are enough sources to support your analysis of the subject before settling on a topic.

Lastly, you need to narrow down your topic to ensure that the subject can be comprehensively covered within the project’s scope. Understand that each academic essay comes with strict word count requirements that students have to adhere to. Therefore, ensure your topic is narrow for quality and detailed discussion.

How to Select the Best Opinion Essay Topic?

In some instances, students are given the freedom to create original opinion essay topics to inform their writing. Such freedom is liberating and gives you wiggle room, allowing creativity and options. In most cases, however, students are assigned lists of topics they can choose from and tailor for their own writing. So how does one choose a topic from such lists and ensure they end up with impeccable writing?

When choosing essay topics, ask yourself the subjects you like. You will spend considerable time working on the task, meaning picking something you are interested in is critical. Experts indicate that students who choose topics they are interested in enjoy the writing process. They are more likely to end up with well-written opinion essays.

As you peruse through opinion essay topics, consider the options you are familiar with. You will encounter many different possibilities when looking for the best topic for your opinion essay. However, you need to remember that choosing something with which you are familiar will make it easier to develop arguments and strengthen your opinion

As you choose topics for your essay, consider whether your selection is detailed enough to address the assignment question. Vague topics limit your ability to conduct detailed analyses. At the same time, a topic that is too specific or too narrow in focus may leave you struggling to find information and evidence to support your opinions.

Also, consider whether your topic is well-established. Have other scholars explored the topic? Is there proof that others have researched the topic? Topics that have attracted scholarly focus give you a good foundation on which to anchor your writing.

Another issue to consider when choosing a topic for your opinion essay is whether your topic is too popular among your classmates and peers. A popular opinion essay topic indicates that many students are interested in the subject. However, this could also mean there are few new things or perspectives to explore concerning the topic. Picking a topic that many other students are writing about could limit the originality of your writing.

A List of Opinion Essay Topics

Have you been tasked with writing an opinion essay but have no idea where to start? Here is a comprehensive list of sample opinion essay topics for inspiration:

  • What are the advantages of monarchy in modern society;
  • The benefit of reading books;
  • Dangers of social media for academic performance;
  • Gender bias as a problem in Ancient Roman rule;
  • Relevance of history curriculum in present times;
  • Is there a gender pay gap in the current modern workplace?
  • Benefits of learning history;
  • The legacy of the Holocaust;
  • Is Instagram harmful to people’s self-esteem?
  • Media bias in the coverage of the Vietnam War.

Opinion Essay Topics for High School Students

High school students are often asked to write opinion essays to show their writing and persuasion skills. Other than presenting their views, students should use opinion essays to practice their research and analysis abilities. Here are a few topics that may suit high school students:

  • Is it really necessary to expand one’s social circle?
  • Dangers of bullying for students;
  • Impact of social media on student’s academic success;
  • Technology is harmful to students learning progress;
  • Should students strive to fit in society;
  • Benefits of smoking marijuana;
  • Benefits and dangers of video games for students;
  • What are the benefits of traveling to study abroad?
  • Can technology benefit academic performance?
  • Does education beat working experience when searching for employment?

Some Great Examples of Opinion Essay Questions

The bottom line is that your essay topic should be something you are already familiar with or something you would like to learn more about. Focusing your essay on something you care about will make the research and writing processes simple and interesting. Also, consider subjects you react to or are puzzled by as you choose your essay topics and ideas. Here are some outstanding examples of opinion essay questions:

  • Should boarding schools be abolished?
  • Is private university education worth the investment?
  • Should employers value work experience over higher education when making hiring decisions?
  • Should governments make free quality healthcare a priority?
  • Are standardized tests an accurate measure of students’ intelligence?
  • Should nutrition and physical health education be made mandatory in high school?
  • Does buying essays from online writers count as academic fraud?
  • Should colleges do more to deal with the use of AI in assignments?
  • Should colleges make the use of smartphones by students illegal?
  • Are online resources dependable for college research?

A Few Examples of Opinion Essay Ideas

The best topic for your opinion essay should be original and unique. This type of writing requires a topic related to your experience, skills, authoritative sources, logical analysis, and solid research. In addition, you need to choose a topic that allows you to express your opinion while providing adequate reasoning and evidence to support your points. So, how does one come up with the best opinion essay topics? Here are some good examples of ideas for opinion essay writing:

  • Whether honesty is good or bad;
  • Whether the emergence of the internet will result in the end of hardcopy books;
  • The problem of atllying and its effects on academic performance;
  • The role of robots in our future;
  • Whether video games should be considered a sport.

A Final Word

The process of choosing opinion essay topics can be a challenging undertaking if you don’t know where to start. But, according to experts, topic selection is perhaps the most important step in getting to write a great essay. Your choice will determine the rest of your writing process, including the strength of your thesis and your sources for supporting arguments.