Alphabet Inc, the owner of Google has removed Parler’s social networking service from its app store on Friday. The company alleges that there are publications within the social network that incite violence. In order for us to distribute an app through Google Play, we need the apps to implement strong moderation for outrageous content. In light of this current and urgent public safety threat, we will suspend the Parler application’s listings in the Play Store until it fixes these problems google explained in a statement released by Reuters.

The announcement coincides

With the definitive suspension of the personal Twitter account of US President Donald Trump his main communication tool during his term, due to the risk that it could incite violence.

In fact, Parler gained much popularity among Trump’s followers after the changes in the behavioral regulations implemented by Facebook and Twitter since the beginning of 2020 to confront false news disinformation and hate speech in the context of the pandemic of the coronavirus and the US elections.

But Google has not acted alone. Apple has also required Parler to present.

a detailed moderation plan within 24 hours which ends this Saturday to prevent platform users from using the service to coordinate another siege like the one last Wednesday at the Capitol building in U.S. Content that threatens the well-being of others or that is intended to incite violence or other illegal acts has never been acceptable on the App Store the company explains in a statement adding that they have asked the company to remove from the platform all content that goes against Apple regulations as well as any type of publication that refers to damage to people or attacks on government facilities.

Following the actions of the two tech giants, Parler may no longer be available for new downloads at major mobile phone app stores although it could still be downloaded via mobile browsers.

The alternative to Twitter

Parler had become in recent months a kind of refuge for the most conservative tweeters suspended from the social network or who disappointed by the new privacy and publication policies on the main platforms is looking for uncensored space as is usually sold This social network which does not like to carry the sanbenito with which it is usually defined, “the network of the extreme right.

In August 2020 Parler

which emerged in 2018 had just added its first million users and was timidly positioning itself as an alternative to Twitter. By November, the social network had taken off. Just after the US election day, it increased its number of users eight times compared to July. Last week from November 2-8 during the US electoral contest] we had about 4.5 million members. Now he has eight internal sources explained to EL PAIS in this report. Although Parler is still light years away from Twitter which has more than 175 million users, the figures that the company details are not low considering the time in which it has managed to get them.

But Parler has not been the only refuge.

Hundreds of users dissatisfied by the recent actions of Twitter and Facebook against comments and publications on their platforms have motivated the migration of accounts to the instant messaging application Telegram WhatsApp’s competition, owned by Facebook and to the Gab platform a social network in English known for having a large number of far-right users and whose site allows people to read and write multimedia messages of up to 300 characters known as gabs.