Good Girls Season 5

Fans of Good Girls have terrible news about Good Girls season 5’s future.

Good Girls rose above its low profile on NBC in recent years to become one the top-streamed TV shows on Netflix.

Good Girls stars Retta, Christina Hendricks, and Mae Whitman, who play Beth, Ruby, and Annie. They are a group of mothers who will do whatever is necessary for their children. A local criminal turns their lives upside down when they rob a grocery shop for quick cash.

Fans are obviously in love with every detail and eagerly await more information on the crime comedy-drama. When is the next season due to air?

How Many Seasons Of Good Girls Are There?

The current season of Good Girls has four seasons. Seasons 1-3 are streaming on Netflix. Season 4 will return to NBC on June 24 with new episodes.

Is There Going To Be A Season 5 Of Good Girls?

Good Girls was cancelled by NBC after only four seasons. Good Girls will be ending their run on NBC after four seasons. 

Good Girls had been in the news for a while. We had high hopes that Good Girls would continue the story for season 5, but it isn’t happening. This is a big disappointment to fans who spent so much time on the hit series.

Good Girls Season 5

Netflix would have also been a great home for Good Girls season 5.

When Is Good Girls Season 5 Filming?

Good Girls season 5, will not be in production any time soon. The cancellation will mean that the series will not be re-produced.

Good Girls Season 5 Premiere Date

The series has been cancelled so there is no premiere date.

Good Girls season 5 is likely to premiere in spring 2022 if Good Girls season 5 is renewed. The first and third seasons premiered on NBC in mid to late February. The second, and fourth seasons premiered on NBC in early March.

Season 4’s only difference is a long hiatus that lasts for a month during its run. This is likely due to the impact of the pandemic, which prevented uninterrupted airing. The fourth season had an episode order that was significantly higher than in the previous seasons.

Good Girls Season 5 Netflix Release Date

Netflix will not be streaming Good Girl season 5, because it isn’t happening.

If it did happen, however, at NBC we could see season 5 on Netflix as soon as 2023.