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Today’s review focuses on Glassagram, a private Instagram viewer quickly gaining popularity and building a noteworthy online reputation. Although this tool lets you instantly check any Instagram account without them knowing and keep tabs on stories, posts, reels, and tagged content, the critical question is whether Glassagram can be trusted. If you are interested in sneaking a peek at Instagram without logging in or having an IG account created, then Glassagram is a handy solution.

But how does it work? And what are the strong and weak sides associated with this tracking tool? Keep reading this Glassagram review to learn how to use this tool as an Instagram profile viewer.

Features of Glassagram Profile Viewer

When considering Instagram story viewers, numerous unfamiliar websites may cross your mind. While searching for “Instagram story viewer” in Google, you may see many different websites, each claiming it offers the best tool to satisfy your goals. However, let’s be genuine: it’s all marketing, and their primary goal is to interest a customer, while the final one is to make them commit to a purchase. The other thing is that if some may prove helpful, many fall short, resulting in a frustrating user experience.

It is what makes Glassagram the best Instagram viewer. This all-in-one platform allows you to view and save Instagram stories, posts, or reels and monitor your favorite profiles hassle-free, all without any restrictions or logging into the app. Let’s discuss each of its features separately so that you clearly understand all the possibilities that come with this tool.


The first step you need to do to use Glassagram is to sign up. Once you have created an account with Glassagram profile viewer and logged into it, you will see a user Dashboard that will provide you with an overview of the connected Instagram profile. The data displayed on it is also correctly organized and can be analyzed through an activity chart, where you will see the days when your target is most active on Instagram.

No Installation

The other advantage of Glassagram that should be pointed out is that it is an online web-based tool, meaning there is no need for its installation. All you have to do is create an account on the Glassagram website, choose your subscription plan, and enter the target IG username whose profile you want to view.

Full Compatibility

It does not matter what gadget you or the target person use. Glassagram supports all devices, be they smartphones, tablets, or computers. It’s OS-agnostic, meaning it seamlessly supports any operating system. Whether you’re using a device connected through WiFi or a mobile network, Glassagram ensures compatibility, making it a convenient option for everyone.

View Private IG Accounts

While most Insta viewers allow public account viewing, Glassagram goes further, offering access to private accounts. So, you should not be subscribed to the target profile or be signed up on IG to view their posts, stories, followers, the following list, likes, or so. It’s worth noting, however, that retrieving data from private Instagram accounts takes longer compared to public accounts and may take up to 7 days.

Hidden Stories Viewing

Stories are a great way to share content you do not want on your profile for 24 hours. However, if you want it to last more than a day, you are free to add a story to your highlights, where it will always be available for viewing. But what do you do if someone does not add their story to the highlights? You may miss some critical data that they may post. Glassagram profile viewer overcomes this 24-hour limit, allowing you to view stories unlimitedly. Remarkably, the tool will enable you to download stories or any other content on your device for free and view them whenever you like. It’s great, especially if you want to save evidence of cheating, photos of your ex, and other content.

Followers & Followings

With Glassargam, you can access the target user’s followers and following list. Although the names are not hyperlinked, they provide essential insights into users’ social connections and networks.

Posts & Reels

As mentioned, you are able to access others’ posts and reels using this tool. You may even skip logging into your account or having it previously created. So, if any new post or reel appears, you may view it in your userspace without leaving any trace of your activity.

Likes & Hot Likes

Every IG user will admit that likes on Instagram are essential. We post and share our content, hoping that someone will like it, significantly elevating our self-esteem. Glassagram does not neglect these likes, allowing you to see which post was liked and by whom on the target IG profile.

Additionally, Glassagram brings in an engaging “hot likes” feature. It shows you people who exhibit notable interest in the target IG account. Glassagram viewer will detect when someone likes old photos of your target and provide this data to you.


Glassagram profile viewer enables you to see the comments on every IG post. It displays the commenter’s text and specifies the post on which the comment was posted. It’s like having the view as if you were following them.

Tagged Photos & Location Tags

Do you want to see the posts on which your target was tagged? With Glasagram, you can also view their location tags, which will provide you with more data and reveal their current location data.

Subscription Plans Pricing

This Instagram private account viewer offers 3 subscription plans, each for the original price of $89.99, $22.49, and $53.99. On holidays, you may run into discounts, such as a huge -50% discount on the product purchase is offered:

  • Monthly subscription package – $44.99/month
  • 3-month subscription package – $26.99/month
  • 12-month subscription package – $11.24/month

Each of these packages includes the following options:

  • Ability to watch stories saved up to 3 months
  • View new posts, likes, comments, new followings/followers
  • Check location tags and tagged photos

Terms and Guarantees

On the website, it is stated that to use Glassagram account safely, you should follow the following requirements:

  • Do not transfer your login credentials to someone else.
  • You are responsible for using the service, and its use does not contravene applicable laws, rules, or regulations.
  • Once you delete your account, any information achieved with Glassagram will not be accessible.
  • Glassagram can take legal action if it believes you’ve violated its Terms. This might include suspending or terminating your access or account.
  • Glassagram may cooperate with legal authorities or third parties to investigate any suspected or alleged crime or civil wrong.
  • It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Is Glassagram Legit?

With many tracking features the software offers, you may ask: “Is Glassagram legit?” or “Is Glassagram safe?” Briefly, yes, it is. Glassagram is an online tool that works completely anonymously and does not require access to the target’s device to use it. It has been on the market for a while, and it really works. For these reasons, Glassagram Insta viewer is safe to use and complies with legal standards.

Quality Glassagram Review

The tool provides accurate data retrieved from the target Instagram account and delivers it in an easy-to-navigate way. When logging into your account, you will see a dashboard with all the tracking features the app offers, and if you want to see the data of any of them, all you need to do is click on it. Remember that while the data retrieval from the public accounts takes a few minutes, the process is longer for private IG accounts.

Positive Glassagram Reviews

This Insta viewer is a great tool, and plenty of positive Glassagram reviews back up its efficacy:

“I first thought it was a scam, so I approached this tool skeptically. However, when I tried it, I understood I was mistaken. It works! Glassagram real power is in its regular data updates. I am impressed”. – Dana

“I like how easy this tool is. I use it for my ex-boyfriend’s posts and stories tracking. Like that it works anonymously and I can get all the data I need without raising suspicions”. – Billy


Glassagram, as well as any other Insta viewer, has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s highlight the positive aspects of using Glassagram:

  • The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly
  • Anonymous Insta viewer, compatible with all devices
  • Ability to track multiple IG accounts
  • Access to public and private Instagram accounts
  • No need to install the tool to use it
  • The dashboard provides an excellent summary of the data on the linked account
  • All the data is properly separated, making it easy to view everything you need
  • You are able to overcome the Instagram stories’ 24-hour viewing limit
  • Users may save stories, posts, and reels if desired
  • The information on the linked account is regularly updated so that you won’t miss any important data
  • The “hot likes” feature enables you to detect infidelity or any other suspicious activity
  • Access to tagged locations and tagged posts
  • 24/7 live chat


Although Glassagam is excellent, it is not perfect:

  • The following/followers accounts are not hyperlinked
  • The time taken for private account data retrieval is long and may take up to 7 days
  • Live chat support is available only after a subscription
  • Each new account needs a separate subscription

Customer Support

Everyone wants to be sure that they are spending their costs responsibly. For this reason, before subscribing, you may decide to get in touch with Glassagram’s customer support. You may contact them via their email address or the contact form on their website. The excellent customer support guarantees a response within 24 hours. Once subscribed, you can contact their live chat support, offering prompt assistance for any issues that may arise while using the Glassagram Instagram viewer.

Glassargam Alternatives

Are you interested in other Glassagram alternative solutions? Here is a list of the apps that share similar features to this Insta viewer:

  • Instawatch. Another Instagram viewer app that allows users to access private and public IG accounts. It allows real-time story watching, viewing reels, comments, likes, and saving, as well as watching reels and posts. Similarly to Glassagram, Instawatch also overcomes Instagram’s 24-hour story viewing limit. What’s more? The tool works anonymously, has 24/7 live chat, and does not require installation. It requires a fee to work.
  • Gwaa. It is a free private Insta viewer that allows you to view posts anonymously. It does not matter whether you are locked, blocked, or restricted – the app caters to your needs. You can use the tool to watch their stories, highlights, or IGTV anonymously with or without an IG account created. Despite its free nature, it offers fewer features than Glassagram. There is a huge caveat – to work, it requires passing suspicious surveys and following sites not in English.
  • InstaLooker. Claims to be a safe, legal, and secure tool that allows viewing private IG accounts without needing app installation. Despite many features described on their website, we’ve found out that the app is not as good as claimed by its developers. When we tried to use it, we were redirected to a suspicious page requiring us to pass human verification. The fact is, the verification looks odd and scammy. So, until now, it would be difficult to say that it’s a reliable Instagram tracking solution.

Editor’s Verdict: Does Glassagram Work?

Summarising this Glassagram review, it is a worthy tool that works. Its ease of use and compatibility with all devices make it an ideal choice for effortless navigation. The app’s stealthy tracking feature allows discreet exploration of Instagram content, maintaining user privacy. Furthermore, Glassagram’s well-organized dashboard offers a comprehensive summary of linked account data, ensuring clear comprehension.

Despite potential drawbacks such as time-consuming data retrieval and not hyperlinked following and followers accounts, Glassagram stands out as an excellent solution for discreet and reliable Instagram tracking.