“Curt Hennig was a major inspiration for Brock Lesnar.”

Former WWE Champion JBL with Dr. Chris Featherstone and Socialized with Lovers. He started up on working and traveling together with Brock Lesnar back in the afternoon and revealed the Beast had a lot of regard for a certain WWE legend.

“We had a great deal of fun. Brock really looked up to Curt Hennig and really respected Curt Hennig. Curt Hennig helped break me, he rode with Curt, and that I was good friends with Curt, therefore due to that, I traveled a great deal with Brock.”

Brock Lesnar had tons of respect for Curt Hennig and looked up to the WWE legend. Hennig’s premature passing left Brock Lesnar broken, and he had been seen tearing on camera whilst talking about him.

Curt Hennig passed away in February 2003, mere weeks prior to Brock Lesnar headlined the series at his first WrestleMania. Brock went on to become among the best Superstars in WWE history, and Hennig would have been proud of him had he been there to view his own rise to the top.