Fear Street Part 2

Fear Street 2 is bringing us back to Shadyside. In 1978, another massacre will take place. This could help to shine a light upon the curse of Sarah Fier.

Netflix’s ambitious horror movie trilogy started with Fear Street Part 1: 1994 when a group of teenagers found themselves the latest victim of the curse. The film ended on a devastating cliffhanger to Deena (Kiana madeira).

Deena and Sam’s love story propels us through this trilogy and takes us back in time as Deena with her remaining friends and brother attempt to stop the witches and curse.

What secrets can we expect to find when we go camping in Nightwing 1978? Here are the details about Fear Street Part 2, 1978.

Fear Street Part 2 – 1978 Release Date

The Fear Street Saga was first conceived and greenlit. It was then made as a complete trilogy. It was confirmed that the movies would be presented similarly. Fear Street Part 2: 1978 will become part of the Netflix 2021 horror films and will be released on July 9, 2021.

Fear Street Part 2

Fear Street Part 2 cast

  • Sadie Sinks for Ziggy Berman
  • Cindy Berman, Emily Rudd
  • Ryan Simpkins, Alice
  • McCabe Slye and Tommy Slater
  • Gillian Jacobs, C. Berman
  • Matthew Zuk to be Mayor
  • Kiana Madeira, Deena
  • Benjamin Flores Jr.
  • Olivia Scott Welch plays Sam Fraser
  • Brandon Spink is a Young Will Goode
  • Chiara Aurelia is Sheila
  • Marcelle LeBlanc becomes Becky
  • Annie Campbell, Eden Campbell
  • Ted Sutherland, Young Nick Goode
  • Michael Provost as Kurt
  • Gary Scheid: Drew Scheid
  • Jacqi Vene is Joan

Fear Street 2 plot: How did Fear Street 1994 ending set up 1978?

Here is a detailed rundown of Fear Street Part 1 1994. Let’s just focus on the last few moments.

Deena thinks she saved Sam by ‘killing’ and reviving Sam, but C Berman gives her a call warning that the battle is not over. Deena is attacked by Sam and is now possessed.

It’s not fatal. Deena can fight back and contain Sam with a phone cable. Josh and Deena need some help. The teaser footage showed after 1994 suggested that they would head straight to C Berman.

She was the only person to survive Camp Nightwing after her death.

Emily Rudd shared what fans can expect after C Berman’s 1978 meeting.

Cindy Berman (my character) and Ziggy (my sister) were at a summer camp. Things go awry there and we kind of unravel the mystery behind the curse a bit more. It’s very dark, very tragic, but a lot of fun,” she stated.

“I hope people have a lot of fun with it. Our film is unique in many ways that I hope people enjoy. There’s a character that suits everyone. Each viewer could see a little bit of themselves in each character.

Here’s the official synopsis. You won’t find much more information.

“Shadyside, 1978. Summer is here and Camp Nightwing activities are about to start. The fun in the sun can quickly turn into a desperate fight for survival when another Shadyside is driven to murder.