The year 2021 has started very well for FC Barcelona: two games two wins and two goals from Leo Messi, who has regained his smile. Although it is possibly premature to speak of metamorphosis or transformation the truth is that Ronald Koeman’s team, and Messi, left very good feelings in San Mamés where Barça added their third consecutive victory at home (2-3) after winning in Valladolid (0-3) and Huesca (0-1). The image of the captain with a happy gesture his game and his goals once again excite the Barca fans.

As SPORT learned from the player’s closest circle, had long yearned for a match like the one he played at La Catedral. Until that moment he had insisted and persevered whenever he had jumped into the field, but things had not turned out the way he wanted.

The Argentine star had tried again and again,

Although with mixed fortune. After the match against Athletic, Messi added 72 shots on goal of the 122 fired by Barça for a total of 9 goals, a low percentage that did not do justice to his performance. Now, after the double in Bilbao, it seems that he is beginning to recover lost ground and return to the path of what has been his spectacular numbers, especially since the 2008-09 season. It can be said that Messi put an end to the bad scoring streak with the double in San Mames, a figure he had not achieved since November 7, 2020, when he signed for the first time this season two goals against Betis (5-2) at the Camp Nou. On the other hand, the crack has already added 129 doubles 91 in the League, in addition to one poker, six pokers, and 41 hat-tricks.


The two goals, on the other hand, earned the Barca captain to advance to the first position of the Pichichi, tied at 9 goals with Iago Aspas Celta Gerard Moreno (Villarreal), and Luis Suarez Atletico Madrid. In this way, Messi joins the leading group and will aspire to his eighth trophy as top scorer in the League. Last season he surpassed the historic record of Telmo Zarra (Athletic) with the conquest of the seventh title.

Another reason why Messi again

Outlines his classic winning smile on the pitch is because of the partnership he is building with Pedri Gonzalez. The understanding between the two is increasing in each game and the results are not waiting. Both of them have a special talent to anticipate the movements that they will make and, together, they are building a community that, if it continues, will give what to talk about and in what way, in the most immediate future.

In addition, the relationship with the coach, Ronald Koeman,

A bond of trust and respect has also been woven between them that is paying off on the pitch. The Dutchman assured me after the victory at San Mames Messi has not surprised me. He has a lot of quality and has been at the highest level for many years. He added that his goals and effectiveness now perhaps are more than at the beginning of the season and it is because he feels comfortable and eager.


The pieces, disordered for some time, are slowly returning to their place and it shows in the performance of the players and the team. Messi, as he confessed in the recent interview with Jordi Evolve feels happy when he wins. And he has started 2021 winning and scoring goals. In addition to the goals, the Barcelona captain is also very aware that his mission in the team is to make it play to make it work, and for all the members of the team to offer their best possible version.

This is nothing new. Messi has always prioritized collective work over individual work and, for this reason as he has confessed on more than one occasion, what makes him happier is winning. Neither score nor be the star of the game. What Messi wants is to win, to feel part of the victories, whether with goals, assists, or play. Helping is the keyword because he has always understood soccer as a team sport.


Messi’s rearmament could not have come at a better time. January is the month in which the phenomenon of Rosario has scored more goals with FC Barcelona, specifically 89 of the 646 that he has as a Barça player in 751 games. March, with 83 goals, and September, with 71 goals, are the other months in which Leo has achieved his best scoring records.

Messi, on the other hand, will play the fifteenth game

In Granada at 6.30 p.m. a time slot in which he does not know defeat: 10 wins and four draws in addition to having scored 14 goals. In the League at this time and away from the Camp Nou he has played only two games at 6.30 pm. In the first, he helped the team win at San Mames (0-1) on August 23, 2015, and in the second, at El Molinon on February 17, 2016, he collaborated in the 1-3 victory against Sporting de Gijon with a double.