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Can i use JAXM to run a UDDI Query against say IBM's UDDI Registry?

How can i find SOAP Services that other people/companies have exposed?

What Xbeans are currently available for download?

How can I contribute to the Xbeans project?

How can I create an application out of Xbeans?

How can I create a distributed application out of Xbeans?

Why do most Xbeans only support a single listener?

What else do I need to use Xbeans?

What are Xbeans? - 12.14.01

What is JAX-RPC? What is JAXM? What is the difference between the two?

Is there a white paper that provides an overview of the web services APIs currently available or soon to be available from SUN?

ebXML Messaging Service Implementation. Does anybody Implemented ebXML Messaging Service?

How to send attachment using soap? Where can I find article or example on how to send attachment using soap?

Where can i get an overview of JAXM with some sample code?

Is SOAP secure?