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Create multiple HTML files using one source XML and XSLT.

How to add existing JDOM/DOM elements to a document object?

Defining SQL statements in the DTD. How do I delcare my XML embeded SQL statements in my DTD?

Can I used a arbitrary defined DTD to generate all possible XML templates?

Performing conditional checks when doing XSLT. Q. How to add element hasTagA to the result XML at the condition one or more tagA present in the source XML?

Populating documents with xml. I want convert on a group of legal documents (plain text) into xml documents that can be populated with with user information (names, addresses, etc.). From what i have read, XML Schema is the way to go. any suggestions?

How do I produce documents with HTML embedded in XML

JAXB, should one start using the API in a live project considering the fact that it is still in its beta?

What is the best way to generate a universally unique object ID? Do I need to use an external resource like a file or database, or can I do it all in memory?

I want to generate an XML using JAXP parsers and i want to include a DOCTYPE tag that references a dtd. how can i do that? can anyone please help me out?

Are there any web sites that will validate the well-formedness of an XML document?

what is ebXML?

Exception handling in Apache-SOAP - Is there a way of catching server exceptions in the client side?

I want to run a query against a UDDI Registry...Should i use Apache SOAP or Apache Axis to create a SOAP Message myself and run it against the Registry? Is there a better way since i don't want to know the guts of UDDI messages?

Can i have a sample JAXM Client that connects to say a Stock Quote Service from XMethods.net?