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String to XMLDocument. I have an xml document stored in a String variable. How do I take the String and parse it into an XMLDocument?

How to concatenate XML files.

How to pass output from JDOM to the next transformation etc. without writing to a file? How to get output in JDOMStrem?

How do I display today's date in my XSL document.

How to write xslt extended method? Can you give an example?

I have a Servlet and a Servlet Filter that is supposed to apply an xsl to it. The transformation appears to work, I get back a transformed document, but it appears (in IE) as if IE thinks its an HTML document. Viewing source, and saving as an HTML file will display correctly. How can I correctly set the Content Type of the response?

How to reorder xml elements in the invalid XML according to the definition of DTD?

We are moving from JDK 1.2 to JDK 1.3. The XML parser are also upgraded from Xerces to JAXP. Our application code uses XML extensively and uses inhouse XMLParcers.

Differences in XML files(Urgent) If i have two xml files with the same dtd do i have any mechanism to compare those two files and to know the changes like whether any tag is deleted or updated or newly added.

How do I use XLST to parse through a delimited string value?

I want to create an XML file from a comma delimited text file. I have a .txt file which contains some atomic values separated by commas. From this .txt file I want to create an XML file of those values. How do I do this ? Can I get the code also ?

I would like to know how is it possible to point to a local copy of the resource for the DTD, instead of the remote one at java.sun.com ?

How to pass value to XSLT stylesheet during run time?

Namespaces, SOAP and XSLT

Keyword xsl:script may not be used in namespace. Hey, Im not an expert in XSLT but hope that somebody may have come accross this issue before.