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How to ask an XSLT question?

I have a xml which has nodes like <abc/>. My scanner fails to recognise them. So I need to transform the nodes <abc/> to <abc></abc> before calling the scanner.

How can I display an XML file into tree structure format using jsp on the screen?

XML problem with '&'. I am having a problem with XML. Whenever one of my xml files had some data in it that contains an '&', for example <tag> keyboard & mouse </tag> the xgen code throws an exceptions stating that the reference cannot be found. When it hits the '&' it thinks that the value 'mouse' is a reference.

How to dynamically generate HTML table by using XSLT?

This question is very similar to the one on adding existing JDOM/DOM elements to a document object. I just want to know if it is possible to combine two existing XML documents together into a new JDOM object (i.e. a new XML file).

Having both DTD and Schema On an XML.

i have 2 xml files .i have to write anxsl file,which should go through the first xml file and search for an element and that element should be replaced with another element which is in second xml file.

Can I get at the processing instruction via dom or sax.

How to send a value from a Html form to an xslt

Using multiple parsers in classpath.

I'm now generating a xml in to a string from database and but for many data like 15000 data it took almost 83 minutes.

HTML Tag embedded in XML. The client I'm working with has embedded a <br> tag inside one of their elements in a document.

I wanna know how to count the number of an attribute with particular values??

I need to nest xsl:for-each elements (or do something similar) to compare values to see if the inner element should be printed or not.