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What is the most efficient way to create XML documents from Java objects and vice versa?

Why would XML be a better solution than a typical delimited text file for B2B (business to business applications), or representing data in general? I can take a flatfile, I can parse it and extract data, and then present that data in different ways using java such as HTML or WML. So, why would I want to complicate things with DTDs, parsers, and APIs needed to extract and display data?

Can I get an example that works on documents which are not DTD-specific but generic?

Is there an easier way to create a DTD file? Are there tools that can help me do so?

Can I use WML (wireless markup language) from a Java Server Page?

Could you describe the architecture behind jGuru.com: JSP, Servlets, database, servers, transactions etc...?

How does one decide when to use an attribute or an element for representing data?

How is XML better than prior languages such as DHTML?

What is XSLT?

Is there any other way to declare a schema for XML other than DTD's ?

How can I prevent text that contains "" or ">" from interfering with parsing. Are there other characters I need to be concerned about?

Are there any commerical tools, with a Java API, that would allow dynamic PDF document generation?

Where can I find a DTD for JSP?

What is meant by xml transformation?

Where can I find examples of using the XML Java API?