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What is WSDL?

what is ebXML?

Exception handling in Apache-SOAP - Is there a way of catching server exceptions in the client side?

I want to run a query against a UDDI Registry...Should i use Apache SOAP or Apache Axis to create a SOAP Message myself and run it against the Registry? Is there a better way since i don't want to know the guts of UDDI messages?

Can i have a sample JAXM Client that connects to say a Stock Quote Service from XMethods.net?

Can i use JAXM to run a UDDI Query against say IBM's UDDI Registry?

How can i find SOAP Services that other people/companies have exposed?

What is JAX-RPC? What is JAXM? What is the difference between the two?

Is there a white paper that provides an overview of the web services APIs currently available or soon to be available from SUN?

ebXML Messaging Service Implementation. Does anybody Implemented ebXML Messaging Service?

How to send attachment using soap? Where can I find article or example on how to send attachment using soap?

Where can i get an overview of JAXM with some sample code?

Is SOAP secure?

My Java based SOAP Service needs to external connections in the internet but it is behind a proxy server (on an intranet). How do I tunnel through the firewall?

What is UDDI?