Is it possible to integrate TIBCO system with EJB or, generally, with J2EE? Is this done through the JMS-TIBCO connector? Is it possible to deploy EJB directly on TIBCO?

Jon Dart

TIBCO has a product called TIBCO Adapter for EJB that facilitates communication between EJBs and services that use TIBCO's Rendezvous messaging system.

TIBCO also has a full-featured JMS implementation that can gateway JMS messsages into and out of TIBCO Rendezvous.

You cannot deploy EJB directly on TIBCO, since TIBCO isn't a deployment platform for EJBs.

anthony warden has also added the link to the TIBCO Enterprise for JMS, that provides a standardized interface for enabling communications between J2EE-compliant applications, Enterprise Java Beans, and application servers.
The integration with JBoss and weblogic is documented in the help files.