I'm running into a problem when I encounter a coding error in my jsp file, go and fix the error, save it, and try to access the page with my changes. The server (Tomcat 4.0) persists in giving me the old version of the file.

Luigi Viggiano

Here are 2 hint you can apply to solve this problem:

  1. delete any jsp-generated file in the work directory. Then restart tomcat.
  2. check date on the computer running the JSP engine and your pc (they should match). check also dates on generated files and JSP (remove files with wrong date or date set on future).
  3. Also, set-up your browser to skip the proxy for your specific application, maybe the proxy is caching your page. If you still get the "old page", try adding a parameter to make caching impossible: let's say your page is http://yourhost.com/yourpage.jsp you should requeste the page as http://yourhost.com/yourpage.jsp?dummyparam=randomvalue . Where randomvalue is get randomly or from System.currentTimeMillis(). In this way the browser (and eventually the proxy) cannot get cached data due to a different parameter passed in the GET request.