How do I see the entire class source code at once?

Scott Stanchfield

VisualAge only recently provided a means to do this. Version 3.5 has a Source View feature, but previous versions do not provide it. That is because VisualAge's paradigm lets you work with individual methods and class definitions, not the entire class at once. It is this paradigm that is what makes VAJ different and more powerful than other IDE's.

Until IBM added the feature in v3.5, this was one of the most-frequently-asked questions on the newsgroups. Everyone who tries VisualAge for Java asks this question almost immediately.

Even in 3.5, give the normal VAJ view of code a chance, even though it is a bit different paradigm than other environments. Other IDEs are file-based; you edit and compile files. VisualAge is object-based -- you edit language constructs.

The majority of the people who ask this question change their minds after a week or two of using VisualAge. Give yourself time to adjust to the new paradigm, and you soon won't miss the "whole file" view.

To invoke the feature in VAJ 3.5, select the class and choose "Open Source View" from the pop-up menu (right mouse click).

VisualAge plug-in tools that provide whole class view

There are a few tools that provide the capability to edit and view an entire class. Please see this FAQ entry for info on such tools.


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