How do I build and debug CORBA servers using an alternate vendor's ORB (such as IONA's OrbixWeb) from within VAJ, as opposed to using the in-built ORB?

Richard Raszka

We have been able to use OrbixWeb to develop CORBA applications by simply importing all the classes into the VAJ repository and using these classes to develop applications.

There is a conflict with the internal CORBA classes however, and these need to be removed to ensure the operation of the OrbixWeb classes. These classes lie in the WebSphere Test Environment (WTE), so if the WebSphere Test Environment is not required remove it from the workspace.

If you are developing WebSphere Applications however there is no easy solution developing with other Orbs in VAJ since there is a conflict between the WTE and the other Orbs classes, which we haven't resolved well as yet.