What baud rates does TINI support on its CAN interface?

Tim Rohaly

The CAN baudrate clock is derived from the TINI's 18.432 MHz clock crystal as follows:

baud rate (bits per second) = 18.432 x 10^6 / BRP / (1 + TSEG1 + TSEG2)
Using the appropriate values of BRP, TSEG1, and TSEG2, CAN baud rates of 10000 bps, 20000 bps, 50000 bps, and 125000 bps can be generated with less than the 0.5% error required by the CAN specification. The com.dalsemi.comm.CanBus class provides the methods needed to set these parameters, while the the API documentation for CanBus shows the parameter values needed to achieve these baud rates.

There aren't any combinations of the timing parameters that can be used to generate higher baud rates, such as 250000 bps or 500000 bps, with the required tolerance. These baud rates can, however, be reached with a different frequency crystal.