Whan happens when I close a Connection application obtained from a connection Pool? How does a connection pool maintain the Connections that I had closed through the application?

Christopher Koenigsberg

It is the magic of polymorphism, and of Java interface vs. implementation types. Two objects can both be "instanceof" the same interface type, even though they are not of the same implementation type.

When you call "getConnection()" on a pooled connection cache manager object, you get a "logical" connection, something which implements the java.sql.Connection interface.

But it is not the same implementation type as you would get for your Connection, if you directly called getConnection() from a (non-pooled/non-cached) datasource.

So the "close()" that you invoke on the "logical" Connection is not the same "close()" method as the one on the actual underlying "physical" connection hidden by the pool cache manager.

The close() method of the "logical" connection object, while it satisfies the method signature of close() in the java.sql.Connection interface, does not actually close the underlying physical connection.