Where can I get more help with my VisualAge for Java problems?

Scott Stanchfield

There are several good resources for help on VisualAge for Java. You're at a good one now, but it's still growing and may not have the answer you need.

If you don't find your answer here, try

  • Scott Stanchfield's VisualAge for Java Tips and Tricks: http://www.javadude.com/vaj
    Note that some tips are included directly in this FAQ.
  • IBM's VisualAge Developer Domain: http://www.software.ibm.com/vadd
  • IBM's VisualAge for Java Newsgroups: news:news.software.ibm.com
    • ibm.software.vajava.beans
    • ibm.software.vajava.beta
    • ibm.software.vajava.enterprise
    • ibm.software.vajava.ide
    • ibm.software.vajava.install
    • ibm.software.vajava.language
    • ibm.software.vajava.non-technical
  • Archive of VisualAge for Java Newsgroups - search at http://www.deja.com

Note: The VisualAge for Java newsgroups are the most pleasant I've found on the net -- when posting or replying there, please keep this in mind. People voluntarily provide help there, so be nice... (Of course you should be nice on other groups as well, but these ones are just "extra nice")