I got a message saying that the workspace had become corrupted, that it was going to shutdown, and would restart, rebuilding the workspace. It's been out to lunch ever since

Now, when I launch VAJ, it gives me the splash screen, which goes away, and then nothing - no errors are displayed, no VAJ windows come up (not even the workbench), nothing.
What can I do to fix it?

Ben Bailey

I was able to find a an old reference on the ibm vaj forum that mentioned removing the busy.sav file - a zero (0) byte file size.

I did remove this file, and the problem disappeared.

Apparently, this file is used as a flag file to indicate that some processing is taking place (cleaning up the corrupted workspace?), and that, until the process is complete, further use of VAJ should be pending. (This is conjecture on my part). Once this file is removed, normal application processing continues.