How do I deliver a JSP-based web app as just the precompiled .class files?

Prasad Thammineni

The Servlet Specification 2.2 introduced Web Application archive files for deploying web applications. A web application archive file or WAR file is a single file which contains all the components of a web application. For more information about WAR files refer to Servlet Specification 2.2

JSPs can be distributed as part of the WAR file, in either source or binary form. For more information on how this can be accomplished, refer to "Appendix C - Packaging JSP files" in the JSP 1.1 Specification document.

Note that the application server you select should not only comply with these specifications but should also support distribution of WAR files for web application distribution.

Currently, Tomcat and BEA's Weblogic provide compilers which can be used to precompile JSP pages into class files before deployment.