Here is my question: I have a java serversocket application staying on a windows machine, and listening a certain port say 1111. Can I using other window's application (written in Delphi, for example) to connect this java socket and send information to, or receive response from this java application? I tried, however, I can't read anything from a client( written in Delphi).

Simon Ablett

It shouldn't make a difference what language you write your server/clients in so long as they use TCP/IP sockets. Are you sure that you are not, for example, trying to create a server socket on both ends? One application, your Java one in this example, should open a ServerSocket, and the other a Socket. Are you doing this? The next thing to check is are you definitely not getting any data across or is one or the other simply not recognising the message structure? Are you getting any exceptions thrown (e.g. BindException in Java) that might indicate that the port is in use? Are you specifying the same hostname:port combination in both apps?